IUGONET Metadata Database (DB)

Access to the observational data through metadata

Current issue in using the observational data

current situation

Databases of observations for upper atmosphere have been maintained and made available to the community by each institution that conducted the observations. However, for general user except for the researcher who is actually related to the observation and specialist of the field, it is difficult to discover and access the data due to lack of information of them.


IUGONET solution with MDB

For solving this issue, IUGONET creates metadata of the ground-based observational data in our project and build the database system for handling them, which is called IUGONET Metadata Database (DB). It provides the service for cross-searching observational data distributed across the IUGONET institutions. Users are able to easily access the data by using search results of the metadata because the metadata include location information of the observational data. In a word, the IUGONET metadata DB serves as a broker of ground-based observational data for the upper atmosphere. We hope that the IUGONET metadata DB brings a remarkable advancement in accessibility to the observational data and accelerate the interdisciplinary study.

Overview of the IUGONET Metadata DB

Screenshot of MDB interfaces (1)

IUGONET adopted DSpace (*1) as a platform for the IUGONET metadata DB because there are so many case examples in Japanese academic information repositories. It has fundamental functions of registering, retrieving, providing and harvesting of the metadata which is written in the IUGONET common metadata format.

IUGONET metadata DB was released in early 2012 and made available freely to all. Users are able to search the metadata DB via any web browsers. The progress of registration to the metadata DB is shown in this page. In addition, we are discussing possible cooperation with the data providers who are interested in registering their metadata into the metadata DB.

*1: It is a kind of repository software. It manages the digital contents and their metadata.