Metadata Format

IUGONET common metadata format

sample of the metadata

We archive the generated metadata as XML files for interoperability with other metadata databases and future expandability. As the format of the XML files, we have designed "the IUGONET common metadata format" and its related resources such as the XML schema file are freely available from the IUGONET web site ( The metadata format was developed through the regular meetings with scientists and technicians from the domestic research institutes and universities by which we share the long-term perspectives on the scientific databases in the upper atmospheric physics community.

Space Physics Archive Search and Extract (SPASE) data model/metadata format

SPASE data model/metadata format

We investigated widely-used metadata formats in various scientific fields in the course of the development of the IUGONET format. Among them we selected the SPASE data model/metadata format as the base of the IUGONET metadata format because SPASE matches best the upper atmosphere data and holds versatility and expandability in terms of the international standardization. Our original modifications have been added to SPASE to create the IUGONET common metadata format.

Metadata categories

Categories of metadata

In the IUGONET common metadata format, not only observational data but also any resources regarding observations, such as instruments, observation sites, researchers, and so on, have their own metadata and all of them are archived in the metadata database. They include metadata for data files ("Granule" in the right figure), which enable us to perform a search for data files as well as data sets.