IUGONET Data Analysis Software (UDAS)

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What is UDAS?

Download UDAS package

The iUgonet Data Analysis Software (UDAS) is a plug-in software for the Space Physics Environment Data Analysis Software (SPEDAS) (former THEMIS Data Analysis Software Suite: TDAS), which is written in Interactive Data Language(IDL). UDAS provides dedicated routine programs to load various ground-based observation data provided by IUGONET to enable the plotting and analysis of the data on the SPEDAS/TDAS platform. SPEDAS/TDAS/UDAS consists of CUI and GUI tools. The GUI tool provides an intuitive operation for IDL beginners.

Features of UDAS


Data Policy

When you use the IUGONET data, please check the data policy for each data set. The data policy will be displayed in the console, when you run the load procedures on IDL. It is also possible to search the data policy at the IUGONET Metadata Database.



For questions, comments, and requests about UDAS, please contact the UDAS development team (udas [at] iugonet.org).