Installation of IUGONET Data Analysis Software (UDAS)

UDAS Installation Flow Chart

Before installing UDAS, please confirm your setting status of IDL and SPEDAS with reference to the following chart.

UDAS installation flow

UDAS Download

Latest VersionFile Name (size ~1MB)
s1.00.1 (for SPEDAS v1.00)
Previous VersionFile Name (size ~1MB)
3.00.3 (for TDAS v8.00)
3.00.2 (for TDAS v8.00)
3.00.1 (for TDAS v8.00)
2.01.1 (for TDAS v7.01)
2.00.2 (for TDAS v7.00)
2.00.1 (for TDAS v7.00)
1.00.1 (for TDAS v6.00)

Release Note


UDAS Installation Manual


For questions, comments, and requests about UDAS, please contact the UDAS development team (udas [at]